Q Can I cancel or change my order?

No, however you are welcome to get in touch with us as soon as possible and we may be able of resolve your issue.  We process your order as soon as it is paid for. Take a moment to check over your order in the shopping cart before proceeding to the checkout as we cannot change any order once it has been printed. We make every effort to check your order, common mistakes are misspelling and using capital letters for the name, (some fonts we use are only capital letters so check that's what you want).

Q Can I use my own image for my order?

Yes you can. We have an upload function for your artwork, check out the information on the UPLOAD page. We are a design business so we are here to help you for quotes and ideas. 


Q Will I receive an email to advise that my order has been dispatched? 

Yes, you will receive a curtesy email notification once your order has been dispatched. 

Q Do you offer express delivery?

Yes, we do and we recommend it with orders over $50 

Check our Delivery Information page for details or contact us with any questions.

Q How long does it take to get my order?

We at LBD will custom make each and every product in your order according to your specifications and dispatch it usually within 24-48 hours. Please allow 10 business days in the mail following this for it to reach you. This service proposition is matched or exceeded in the majority of occasions throughout the year.

Check out our Delivery Information page for details.


* Please Note: During maintenance, upgrading and increase order volume, dispatch times may be slightly delayed, if this happens you will be informed by email os SMS within 48 hours of your initial order date concerning delays.

Q How much will delivery cost?
A Shipping rates are calculated at the checkout based on the weight of the item. For an accurate gauge of your total shipping costs and options, add your desired items to the cart, input your address and your costs will be calculated for you.

You can also check our Delivery Information for details.



Q How accurate is the preview of my labels on the website?

Due to huge differences between the quality of peoples screens, colours can look quite different when printed. We run the CMYK colour system for our machines and make every effort to produce the best colour quality we can.   

Q Can you send me a sample?

We can send you a sample of of our label ranges.  Unfortunately, we cannot supply samples of our larger items, nor can we personalise the sample to a name of your choice. Please

contact us to request label samples.

Q Can I have more than one name on a label?

Yes, simply add a comma or forward slash after each full name, ect John Smith/Lisa Smith or John Smith,Lisa Smith. Remember most name labels are small so there is a limit to characters and font size.

Q Can I use Name Labels for different words than someone's name?

Yes, you can add any text you want on any of our products but remember the label sizes will limit the amount of characters so try to keep it short.

Q What is the difference between Iron On Clothing Labels and Sew On Labels?

Iron On Clothing Labels are a permanent transfer that embeds into the weave of the fabric. The flexible material that these labels are made from allows them to stretch with the fabric.

 Sew On Labels are made from a different material. This cannot be Ironed on, you have to sew around the edges.

Q My child has an allergy. Do you have any specific allergy products?

Yes, if your child has a nut, wheat, egg or dairy allergy then our food allergy labels are perfect. We have a selection of text for our labels but you can add your own. If there is an allergy not added to our choice then

contact us and we can make a special label just for you.

Q Are your Wall Stickers suitable for all surfaces? 

Labels By Design's Wall Stickers can be applied to most surfaces, including painted walls, tiles, doors and windows.  They will not adhere to fabric/cloth, brick or uneven surfaces.  For freshly painted walls, please allow 4 weeks before applying your wall stickers. 

Q How long are your products guaranteed for?

All products are conditionally guaranteed by Labels By Design for a period of 30 days.  If your product is found to be faulty during this time we will, at our discretion, replace or repair it.  Please remember that these are products for children and would be subject to wear and tear. Check our Returns Policy for details.

Q child's shoes?

LBD Shoe Labels are designed to fit into the heel of the shoe. They are great for toddlers learning left from right as you can place alternate colours in each shoe. For older children, a simple Classic Shoe dot or Basic Shoe Label will help ensure sport or school shoes return home.

Still not sure? Check out our Label Information for a detailed guide on how to choose your label.

Q ..pencils or small items?

LBD small labels are perfect for labelling pencils, stationery items, MP3 players, cameras, computer games and any smaller items.

Still not sure? Get in touch with us.